al gore avoiding an inconvenient truth?

Dear Al Gore: here’s some inconvenient truths
Hey, Al, even you aren’t willing to propose one of the best answers: nuclear power.

my friend and well-known blogger, robert scoble, points out one topic missing from al gore's new hit movie 'an inconvenient truth' - nuclear power. this jibes with 'Hubbert's Peak' author Kenneth S. Deffeyes. in hist latest book (Beyond Oil), the princeton professor emeritus points out that we've waited too long to be able to solve the world's energy needs without resorting to nuclear power generation - at least until we ramp up our technology to be able to generate, store, and transfer renewable sources on the scale human populations require.

not sure what 'peak oil' really means? check out this graph that shows world oil production is on the decline and start reading about peak oil at wikipedia.

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At Wed Mar 14, 04:23:00 AM GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nuclear power is not yet perfected and is quite unstable, thus the out come of this would be devistating.

At Wed Mar 14, 01:26:00 PM GMT, Blogger mamund said...

i tend to agree. more to the point, most pro-nuke types use figures that assume fast-breeder and advanced fusion technology that is either dangerously close to bomb-making practice (faster-breeder) or still in the theoretical stage (fusion).

and my real concern is that no-one is addressing the waste issue. global warming is nothing compared to the threat of tens of thousands of years of fatal radiation from nuclear power plant waste.

nuclear is old school and should be shunned. solar is new school and should be embraced.


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