has the anti-evolution crowd made a tatical mistake?

The Other Intelligent Design Theories
One has to appreciate not only irony, but an implied tribute to the scientific enlightenment, when we realize that openness to criticism, fair play, and respect for the contingent nature of truth are now the main justifications set forward by those who still do not fully accept science.

in an article in a recent editon of skeptic magazine, noted author david brin exposes a flaw in the most recent encarnation of the anti-evolution arguments. I like this quote near the end of the piece:

I doubt that the promoters of Intelligent Design really want to see a day come when every biology teacher says: “Okay, you’ve heard from Darwin. Now we’ll spend a week on each of the following: intelligent design, guided evolution, intelligent design of intelligent designers, evolution of intelligent designers, the Hindu cycle of karma, the Mayan yuga cycle, panspermia, the Universe as a simulation…” and so on.

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