i am not 'on board' with nuclear power

NEI Nuclear Notes: More Advice for Al Gore From Robert Scoble
UPDATE: Scoble friend Mike Amundsen is on board too.

the nei blog points out that a recent post of mine admitted that we might need to use nuclear power to bridge an expected gap between fossil-based, and renewable energy sources. however, my position does not constitute 'on-board-ness'[g].

i do not trust the current nuclear power community to build safe, reliable facilities that can properly store and dispose of the highly radio-active waste created by these facilities. also, i am not at all confident that the mining operations needed to produce the uranium needed for power-plants will be environmentally sound. finally, it is my understanding that nuclear power is (behind solar), the most expensive form of energy today. i need to learn more about who will be subsidizing this form of power and how that will work over time.

i stand ready to learn more on how safe nuclear plants can be sited and built and encourage nei and others to show me the details.

until then, count me 'off-board.'

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At Thu Jun 29, 01:00:00 PM GMT, Blogger Eric McErlain said...

Thanks for giving us the chance to have a conversation on these topics. I'll have a more detailed answer to your questions on NEI Nuclear Notes later today, but an op ed I wrote for the San Jose Mercury News a few weeks ago can give you a good preview of some of our answers.

At Thu Jun 29, 02:49:00 PM GMT, Blogger mamund said...


thanks for posting your comment and pointing to your op-ed. i read the piece and will post my observations here in my blog.


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