entertainment mogul camp pits new vs. old media

Deadline Hollywood Daily ยป Camp Allen Speakers/Panels List Here
For so many years Camp Allen was a secretive gathering of the privileged white men who sat atop America's entertainment conglomerates and their families, a wilderness confab replete with river-rafting, picnic-table power-lunching, and (the whole purpose of the exercise) hush-hush deal-making.

hosted by investor herb allen, 'camp allen' brings entertainment's big-wigs to hangout, gossip, and broker deals. this year, more than ever, the old media (disney, knight-ridder, etc) are facing a bleak future as the new media (google, youtube, et al) keep stealing their revenue.

this was the annual event where bill gates and warren buffet started their friendship (and you know what that created). but now the likes of gates, and apple's steve jobs won't be attending (are they old media now?).

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