jon udell and i use the same lawn mower

Jon Udell: Clean air gardening
Currently I use a Scotts Classic which I bought six years ago from Clean Air Gardening. My friends and family think I'm nuts to use it, but in fact these modern reel mowers are light and easy to push. The effort required to mow the lawn is mostly just the effort required to walk the property, and that's the same whether you're behind a roaring two-stroke engine or no engine. And in the latter case you can walk in bare feet, hear birds sing, and enjoy a bit of eco-smugness.

i love my reel mower. like jon udell, my family and friends think me loony for using it, too. unfortunately, i've only had it out a few times this season. my work and travel schedule have put me 'behind' in my lawn care and, once the grass gets too long, rell mowers can be frustrating[sigh].

but reading jon's post encourages me to get 'back on track' with my own private bit of 'eco-smugness.'

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