network world sez writley is "cool"

Network World - James Gaskin
Those of you interested in online word processors should start checking your circle of friends for anyone already registered with Writely, the company recently gobbled by Google. They're offering invitations, but just like with GMail, you need to know someone and the secret handshake.

deep into an op-ed piece on the need for quality research when building and releasing software, james gaskin of network world mentions writley.com as a rare example of a "new and cool" product.

i agree - writley.com is a smart, well-implemented app. since posting my offer to hand out writely invites (their clever viral method for growing their user base) to others, i fulfill a handful every day. as they must have thousands (tens of thousands?) of users already - most of them handing out invites, too - i bet they're growing by at least hundreds of users per day.

btw - if you still need a writely invite, post your (obfuscated) email in a comment to my original writley post and i'll show you the 'secret handshake' so you see what's new and cool about writely, too!

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