zidane one of my favorite world cup players this year

2006 FIFA World Cup  Player Profile - ZIDANE Zinedine - France
Zinedine Zidane’s career began in the backstreets of Marseilles where, at the age of 14, this son of Algerian immigrants was spotted by a talent scout and offered a place at the academy of AS Cannes.

in the past, i've had only a mild interest in fifa world cup, but this year is different. for some reason, i've been keeping a close eye on the matches and players for this year's competiion. maybe one reason is that a have a slight connection. every day i stop at a local market close to the office to pick up a drink or snack. the cleark behind the counter is an algerian national and we've been talking up the world cup quite a bit this year. he's a fan of zinedine zidane and, after seeing his play this year, i've become one, too.

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