gmail glitches expose google's achilles heel

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...was loving gmail for a while, but there have been a lot of hiccups lately ... left yahoo for this, and now, i'm regretting it ... what's the point of having web-based email if you cannot use it?

seems google's gmail is flaky today. they might be getting hacked, they might be upgrading to a better/faster version, they might be having hardware problems. no one knows for sure. because on ething google does not have is responsive customer service.

the quote above is typical of the postings on google's own gmail group. even though these messages have been up for a couple hours, there has been no official response from a 'googler' posted to the group - bad move.

while many pundits cheer google's foray into application hosting, i suspect the 'high-tech' minds at google are not prepared for the 'high-touch' requirements application support requires. microsoft has spent over 25 years dealing with users. google has only a fraction of that time under their belt.

if i was working for yahoo! or microsoft right now, i'd be focusing on google's achilles heel - and providing superior customer service.

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At Mon Mar 12, 07:59:00 AM GMT, Blogger letthefrogscroak said...

I would agree to some of what you said. I have got the following glitch for the last two days: whenever I click an email link a new email comes up as it should, except the recipient address shows as "www2%E" instead of "www.". First time I have this one glitch in one year of using gmail. I have no clue what could have caused it.
Then I have tried to set Thunderback back to being the default email client, but it won't work for some reason with Firefox, only with IE.
This kind of sucks. I hope Google will be able to remedy these issues, because otherwise their gmail accounts are great and provide plenty of options and functionalities for free.


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