gmail is back up again

looks like the googlers got today's gmail problems ironed out. i was able to log in and perform all functions (for me the "archive", "delete", and "mark-as-spam" functions were broken). the general tone of the posts in the google groups is also pretty positive. fwiw, i noticed the frustration and (some) anger in the posts dissipate once a googler posted a general notice that they knew of the problem and were working on it.

and that's the point, really. treating your customers (your beta testers) well will always earn you loyalty. even when things go wrong. this is a tried and true rule. one that existed *long* before the computer or the internet. maybe this event will spur the folks at gmail/google to step up their efforts to be more responsive to users of their hosted apps.

if they don't yahoo, microsoft, and others will have a great opportunity to steal customers and business from google.

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