images of flag-draped coffins upset u.s. polictians

i just watched u.s. republican party politicians foaming at the mouth over the new democrat party advert that shows flag-drapped coffins. too bad they didn't mention the 2004 bush re-election campaign advert that showed a flag-draped coffin and images of the new york trade towers rubble.

it took me only five minutes to find copies of both spots on youtube.com. i was also able to find articles online that covered both events. hard to bury this sutff when you got the internet, eh?

Republicans blast Emanuel for coffin pictures
(dnc video with coffins)

More than a dozen Republicans angrily denounced Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) Thursday for his decision to air video of flag-draped coffins of American troops as part of a fundraising appeal for Democratic House candidates.
"For the Democrats, everything is about politics," said Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-N.Y.), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. "But this crosses the line."

2004 Campaign: A 'Shocking' Stumble (rnc video with flag-drapped coffin)

[the re-election campaign ad release] was quickly marred by charges from some 9/11 families that the Bush team was seeking to exploit the attacks for political gain. One scene shows footage of a flag-draped coffin of a terror victim; another has an American flag waving in front of World Trade Center wreckage. Publicly, Bush aides were dismissive and insisted the flap had only strengthened their plan to make 9/11 "a central topic of the campaign."

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At Fri Jul 14, 09:50:00 PM GMT, Blogger varaon said...

The same thing happened in Canada a while back...

At Fri Jul 14, 10:55:00 PM GMT, Blogger mamund said...

good to see your comment.

sorry to hear canada's politics is tracking like that in the u.s. on this item.

i would be much less upset about this *time-wasting* grandstanding if i heard the same people talking about how osrrty they are to see coffins at all.

imho, there's too much arguing about the message and not talking about the *substance.*


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