senater stevens' 'series of tubes' music video

Senator’s Slip of the Tongue Keeps on Truckin’ Over the Web - New York Times
The word is spreading: The Internet is not a big truck. It’s “a series of tubes.”  ... [W]hile it is true that the Internet is not a big truck, the senator might feel as if he has been run over by one.

last week i posted a entry on this very subject(senator stevens: 'the internet is a series of tubes')

seems lots of folks caught this gaffe by the senior senator from alaska. a search of youtube.com with the words senator stevens returns several entries including a 10 minute music video that's pretty funny.

nice to know foolish behavior on the u.s. senate floor does not go un-noticed. now if this foolishness could result in eventual removal from office (watchblog sez 98% of incumbents get re-elected) then we'd be making progress.

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